We design, install, support and maintain computers, servers and networks. Our support organization has many years of experience with a wide variety of systems, ranging from Novell Netware Version 3.11 to version 6.5; all Windows based systems, up to Windows Server 2019 and Linux distributions such as CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. We also provide support for Fortinet, Cisco and Juniper firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, switches and routers.

Have a few little problems to have somebody take care of, but you can't find somebody you like? Tired of getting 'help' at $250 an hour, minimum two hours? Does one of those 'Big Computer Consulting Companies' want $2000 for 10 hours, for a simple fix that takes 15 minutes? Do you feel abused by your computer help or just by your computers? We can help.

Here is a list of services that we have to offer:

PC Installation:

This includes unboxing the PC, connecting all cables, and making sure the computer boots to its user interface. If you would like us to install software on your new computer, we charge a hourly rate above our flat fee. We will need you to provide us the necessary installation files (Internet download, CD-ROM, floppy, etc.) and licensing information.

Installing a PC onto your existing network normally billed at flat rates. Please contact us for more details.

PC Support:

PC support is offered for customers with one or two computers. This type of support is also offered for computer problems that do not involve any network interaction. Some examples would be: If the PC keeps crashing when you try to run a program, or the printer that is directly connected to it doesn't work.

We offer hourly PC Support, nominally charged at $100 an hour on site in half hour increments, while support at our shop is $75 an hour.

Network Install:

Installing a new network might include setting up new PCs, adding network access drops, configuring your network server, created network users, etc. Network Installation is billed at our network support rates, with some components of the install billed apart from the general install. An example would be additional network connections (network drops) to be installed.

Network Support:

Network support is what we consider problems occurring on a server or workstation that either cause a problem on the network or are related to the network. Some examples of common network issues are: computer can not use network, user can not login to a server, or email doesn't work.

We offer hourly network support, charged at a rate of $125 an hour, no matter what operating systems or hardware is involved.


This type of service includes work from reworking a small part of an existing network to building a totally new network.

We will work with you to make a list of what you as our customer needs to accomplish and we will suggest technologies that can help you accomplish those goals. Billing for this service is negotiable, as we usually do not charge separate fees if we are installing the new components.


Documentation is included on all network designs and installations. Documentation, includes, but is not limited to hardware and software configurations of servers and PCs, network infrastructure, and support processes.

Web and Application Hosting:

We offer web hosting on Linux and Microsoft based solutions. We price our service very competitively and can offer some very powerful and inclusive packages. We offer hosting services for small business who like to deal with friendly, local help instead of being just another number at a big hosting company.